What is Wedding Cash Registry

Wedding Cash Registry is a type of registry that utilise by couples to solicit and accept gifts in the form of cash from their guests. The receipt of the cash gifts is usually done in the form of online transaction and gets deposited directly to a nominated bank account.

Cash registry is akin to wishing well but not quite the same as it offers a lot more advantages. Below are the advantages of a cash registry over a wishing well.

Accept cash gifts from guests who can’t attend your wedding

Because cash registry accepts cash gifts over the internet, guests who can’t make it to the wedding reception is able to send their goodwill in the form of cash to the couple’s cash registry.

Freedom of choice

The cash gifts received via a cash registry is hard cold cash that get deposited to the couple’s nominated bank account so it could be spent on things that the couple truly desire.

Accept cash gifts in a less tacky way

Couples can use cash registry as a tool to tell their guests what they are buying for the newly wed. Couples can post photos and messages for the items they will be using the contributions on.

When preference of gift is told, guests will often try to give adequate cash gifts that match up the value of the items couple wanted.

Cash registry VS Gift card

Cash registry is comparable to gift card however the limitation with gift card is that it can only be used in specific store where the gift card is issued whereas with cash registry, couples can use the cash gifts anywhere.

Wishsprout Cash Registry

Couples can use Wishsprout as a gift and cash registry combo for their wedding. Not only can the couples use it to share their gift ideas, Wishsprout also has a feature to push notifications to all guests who are invited to view the gift list. A notification is pushed to all guests when one of the guest has reserved a gift or has made a cash gift contribution to the couple, this create a bandwagon effect to get other guests into participating with the gifting.

What is wedding registry?

Wedding registry is a type of service use by engaged couples to tell invited guests of their gift preferences. The service is traditionally provided by retail stores for couples to register a list of desired items. Guests are then invited to the store to view the list and purchase these items as gifts. When an item is purchased, the service crossed out the item from the list to prevent other guests from purchasing the same item twice. This helps couples to avoid the receipt of duplicate gifts and also a best way to solicit gifts that are favorable.

Wedding registry is already proving popular, especially among the younger couples. In fact, according to a survey conducted with wedding planners, it has become the norm, with 1 in 3 couples reported to have used a registry for their wedding.

wedding registry
Gifts from guests.

These days, most couples and their guests prefer online wedding registry because of the convenience it provides, with it, all the registering and gifting works can be done in the comfort of their home without store visit. This is particularly useful when guests don’t live nearby to the store.

Other perk that online registry may offer is the cash registry service. Cash registry is a type of registry known as online wishing well that helps couples to accept cash gifts online to use towards honeymoon, experience and etc.