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About us

Create your wish list and share it out.

Your social interactive wishlist organizer. Sprout your dreams into reality

Wishsprout allows you to create a wish list, share and make it happen.

Application features

  • Create and share your wishlist
  • Set life goals and track progress
  • Discover other people with the same desire and interests
  • Get ideas and support

Perfect for building a personal wishlist for the special occasions for e.g. Birthday, Wedding, Housewarming, Baby shower and many more. 

Also inbuild with features to set life goals, track progress and celebrate success with others. 

What’s coming up next:

  • Option to crowdfund online with friends towards a personal registry
  • Bug fixes

We are always looking for ways to improve this application. If you have any suggestion or feedback, we would love to hear from you so please drop us a comment at http://www.wishsprout.com/contact-us